“Great for sending comfort, love, and support by mail”

Nine Blank Card Designs to Choose From:

Thank You Series:
All of us have people in our lives whose contributions and kindness toward us have been monumental and life-changing! Cards in this series will help you celebrate the special people in your life with expressions of gratitude and thanks. Featured designs include “Unsung” and “Sisterhood”

Leadership Series:
Leadership is simultaneously challenging and rewarding. Leaders often serve in spaces where encouragement and motivation is sporadic or non-existent. These cards are designed to inspire and support leaders and loved ones who relentlessly give of themselves in service to others. Featured designs in this series include, “Smoke”, “Scrutiny”, “Uncertainty”

Dreamer Series:
We are all somewhere on the continuum of conceiving, birthing, or scaling a dream. Cards in this series are meant to stoke the flame of purpose and vision in the heart, mind, and life of the Dreamer. Featured designs include: “Speak Life”, “Greatness, and “Joy and Purpose”

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