What Clients and Community Say About Shannon

“Shannon exhibits nothing but professionalism when working on any project. Her energy level, excellence, enthusiasm and spirit of innovation is contagious.”
(Cle J. Jackson, Blue Cross Blue Shield of MI, Community Responsibility)


“Shannon Cohen is one of the individuals who always comes to mind when I think of professionalism; she has an enviable attention to detail, wonderful follow-through, and is thorough in considering all the aspects of an event which need attention. She is funny and friendly and creative – basically all the attributes one can hope for in a colleague who is genuinely trying to make the world a better place. Her motivation is as genuine as anyone I know.”
(Klaas Kwant, Grand Rapids Community College)


“It’s been clear since the beginning that Shannon is a person of conviction, vision and a capacity to make things happen. Shannon is a recognized leader in this community – and our city and region are stronger for her presence in it.”
(Emily Loeks, Director of Community Affairs – Celebration Cinema)


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